I accidentally created my own coloring page (part 2)

I am always surprised at where these drawings end up.

What world does this trio exist in? Pastoral, I decided. There’s a river and hills, and a watermill, too. Are they giants in a Lilliputian world?
Fluffy clouds live in the sky, bringing scale and depth to any world (real or imagined). It must be the rainy season, for so many clouds to be present. But they’re far away, taking their water to some other place.
I struggled most with the Snek God’s tank-top. What sort of pattern would such a creature wear? I don’t know its language, so words were out. But apparently it favors anatomically inaccurate hearts, so perhaps it’s a benevolent god? It seems well-intentioned.

Finally, it’s finished. Popped it in the scanner and here it is:

She carries a city on her back, and seems unconcerned by the Snek God charmer… but the goose keeps an eye it, just in case. Pen and watercolor on watercolor paper.

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