Been scribblin’ in some journals

…and now I’m ready to open them up to the world!

Okay, I’m not actually ready. I’m more than half-convinced that this is an exercise in egotistic delusion, but whatever. If no one ever visits this blog and reads this, then it’s substantively no different than just scribbling away in my paper journals, and thus I haven’t embarrassed myself because no one is looking anyway, right? (If a tree does something embarrassing in the forest, does it matter?)

Sometimes my emotions overwhelm me and my energy drains away, like an overfull tub. Like there is too much inside of me and I start to crack. My shell is too thin and I can’t keep the feelings inside anymore. I just want to feel like I can trust myself not to break.

But I’m going to do this anyway, because being uncomfortable will at least give me emotional material to work into my art, and my art seems to be all about how I experience the emotion of the world around me. I want to start showing my creations to the world, in the hopes that people who see with eyes like mine will recognize something in my work (and want to say hi); and those with different eyes will perhaps see something new (and also want to say hi). I want to stop hiding from the world.

So. Hi. Here’s some art I made when I was overwhelmed and I was new to art journaling. Enjoy! Or, maybe not enjoy so much as…empathize? Or, baffle? Imperatives are tricky. Feel whatever you feel. 🙂

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